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Information for District

I have received a couple of phone calls regarding this, so I wanted to ensure that I am addressing this.

We do have a person going around speaking to everyone offering a personalized photograph in exchange for a donation.  The reason for the donation is to raise money for an extractor.  Let me explain what an extractor is.

When you get home at night, you change clothes, and you eventually put the clothes into your washing machine and then a dryer.  An extractor is a machine that is designed for washing our structural gear.  When we enter structures to put out a fire, or we are doing an overhaul on a structure, we are constantly getting contaminants on our gear.  In fact, we cannot take our gear inside our houses.  The reason is that the contaminants from the unburnt parts of a structure will continue to "off-gas" or vent out into the air around us.  When we enter a structure, we are wearing breathing apparatus, so we are not getting the contaminants in our lungs.  If we bring the gear into our homes, then we not only continue to expose ourselves, but we expose our families to it.  We cannot wash our gear in our washing machines at home, because the contaminants will remain in our washing machine, and then our families will be exposed to these.  

So, the extractor is where we wash our gear.  The cost of extractors is very high.  The catch with having an extractor is that it is not truly optional.  Our funding comes from what is known as ACT 833.  This is a grant that is provided yearly by the state of Arkansas.  If we do not have an extractor by next year, we lose the ACT 833 money.  This is why we have taken a step that we do not do and that is to ask for donations.  You may be thinking, "wait a minute, I see you on the corner every November with the "fill the boot."  That is something that is done state/nationwide.  The purpose of that is to provide gifts for underprivileged children in our area.

In the future, we are looking at doing a "Go Fund Me" as well as potentially starting a "Commissary Store," where people in our district can purchase "Pine Village Fire Department Supporter."  This is something that is being looked at, it is far from being set in stone.  However, this is something that we are looking at.

We just wanted to explain the person coming up to the house.  Any questions feel free to contact us and we will explain in more detail if you need.


CPT Rob Herpel

Fire/Arson Investigator (PVFD)



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